New Development

Central Indiana has been in a growth period for the past few years, as new businesses have come to the state and people have moved to Indiana for job opportunities. Along with that growth, major infrastructure improvements like the U.S. 31 Project and the Interstate I-69 expansion have opened up opportunities for commercial development.

Our Services

KennMar specializes in identifying ideal locations for commercial development projects.

We analyze local growth, market trends, and infrastructure projects to predict where retail hubs should be located to draw the most visitors. We then work with local governments to balance incentives with investment partners and local communities, and we negotiate agreements to bring new businesses to areas of emerging economic growth.

Our Work

Where others might see insurmountable challenges, we see opportunities. In one of our recent projects, KennMar acquired a 25-acre industrial site at Interstate 65 and State Road 32 – a high-volume interchange in Lebanon, IN. – to convert into a commercial area. Before site preparation could begin, three industrial buildings had to be demolished, and KennMar worked with governmental and environmental agencies to remediate industrial contamination on the land. Two years after we launched this project, retail tenants began moving into Lebanon Gateway Marketplace.

Our Partners

We work with some of the most respected companies in their field. Whether partnering with an architectural firm, a hospitality corporation, or a project management team, we look for a reputation of quality, because our investors count on us to choose the best team for every development.

KennMar values transparency in property development, so we provide progress reports for our partners that show them the project is on track and in scope. We look forward to bringing new opportunities to investors and local communities, and we welcome inquiries about partnerships.

Our Process

KennMar believes that new developments should complement existing retail areas and communities. When developing plans, we consider the scale and style of nearby architecture, as well as how new development may affect traffic. To ensure consumers and local residents can move through new development areas with ease, we may work with municipalities to add new roadways, expand existing roadways, or alter traffic patterns.

We oversee all aspects of planning and due diligence, collecting public comments, applying for tax incentives or municipal bonds, and ensuring our stakeholders are shielded from any unnecessary liability.

KennMar’s projects are transforming communities, improving landscapes, and driving economic growth. We welcome partners who share our enthusiasm for ethical redevelopment.


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